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Advocate cooked-food bazaar policy and unleash cooking talent of the grassroots through organising cooked-food bazaar in community public spaces


Year Established: 2017

Beneficiaries: Grassroot citizens
Recreating cooked-food bazaar of utilising talents from grassroots


  • People who are received public subsidy are easily suffered from the labeling effect in results of low self-esteem and difficult to engage in the community


  • Build up the capacity of grassroots and revitalize the local food culture through organising cooked-food bazaar in community public spaces
  • Adding the elements of community economy into the public guided tour to strengthen participants' understanding of grassroots communities


90 grassroots, ethnic minorities and low-income people will be trained as food stall owners

20 cooked-food bazaar will be organised in the holidays with collaboration with NGOs, churches and corporates

Produce community guided tour maps and guided tours to strengthen links between grassroots food stall owners, local stores and community members

20 education seminars will be held to invite food stall owners to share their experiences with 1000 students


StreEAT receives consultancy fees from NGOs and different organisations through sharing their experience on license application procedures and addressing safety concerns of cooked-food bazaar


Organise cooked-food bazaar

Organise food bazaar every 2 months which can allow food producers to make a living through joining the regular food bazaar without bearing the expensive rent

Provide consultancy service to NGOs and different organisations

Provide food bazaar consultancy service to different organisations in order to benefit more grassroots from the bazaar development