Incubation Support

Impact Incubator will provide holistic supports to successful applicants to implement the innovative projects covering two major objectives of capacity building and development of innovative projects in different types and stages.




Impact Incubator regularly organizes capacity building programmes for project owners, social entrepreneurs and social enterprise practitioners, including skills-based training workshop, Future Camp, networking and consultancy sessions. Social entrepreneurs and project practitioners are able to grow and benefit from peer-to-peer action learning, cross-sector practitioners can meet and exchange with the counterparts, to share experiences and knowledge.

Grantees are compulsory to attend at least 1 training workshop, 1 peer-to-peer learning session and 1 social impact assessment workshop within the project period.

For Start-up and Scale-up projects, Impact Incubator provides holistic business development support* to coach social entrepreneurs in project implementation in various aspects by giving One-on-One incubation support. Experienced business consulting team meets, discusses and formulates business strategies with project teams in different stages, to enhance both commercial viability and effectiveness. Impact Incubator may refer professional associates e.g. accountants, lawyers, I.T. specialists etc. for all-round support.


Pre-funding advisory service
12-month incubation support
*Applicable to Scale-up & Start-up Projects

Granted projects can be benefited from Impact Incubator’s extensive network in sales and marketing, to promote their products or services via the established on-line platform.

Join collative sales network ‒ Good Goods
Event publicity and media coverage
Project achievements showcase

Eligible to enjoy various benefits and discounted services offered or lined up by Impact Incubator.

Impact Incubator regularly organize Social Impact Assessment (SIA) workshop to equip social entrepreneurs with basic knowledge on conducting impact assessment with social impact assessment framework.