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With the stylish look of the smart stick and the advancement of technology, STICKu aims at improving the quality of life of the elderly


Year Established: 2017

Beneficiaries: Elderly
Smart sticks bringing hope to us


  • With the aging population, there are increasing rate of the elderly getting fall over.  This might cause them losing their lives when there is no immediate help given
  • Mobility difficulties decrease elderly' s incentive of going out. This will result in having narrower social circles and affecting their psychological development


  • Using automatic lighting system and handle warming system in order to increase elderly' s mobility
  • Providing remedy-calling function in both manual and auto mode.  When the elderly fall over and the stick keeps laying on the floor for 15 seconds, the stick will issue warning signal to alert people nearby for help and a message will be sent to the default contact from the elderly’s smartphone in order to inform the designated contact persons that the elderly needs help at that time


200 smart sticks will be given to the needy for free, such as the single elderly and people who apply for CSSA
300 smart sticks will be sold to NGOs in discounted price
Enhance the mobility of the elderly, so they can keep on socially active and expand their social circles
Allow elderly living independently in order to reduce the pressure from their family


STICKu gains revenue from sales of sticks to different channels


Stylish designed smart stick

Multi-colour is used on the smart stick in order to change the traditional perception of the public towards walking stick. Besides, the smart stick helps to collect data and make regular analysis, such as the walking record and the falling record, so their family can keep track of the changes

Visit the home of elderly for promotion

Elderly users will demonstrate and introduce the smart stick in order to let more elderly to know more about it and start using it