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Fantastic Dream

Through a YouTube channel, we introduce diverse career paths to young Internet addicts. 


Year Established: 2015

Beneficiaries: Young Internet addicts
A Youngster's Development Platform Connecting the online and offline worlds


  • The rising number of young Internet addicts is an alarming phenomenon leading to prominence of social withdrawal
  • It is hard to reach and establish connections to the young Internet addicts simply by existing social services


  • A reputable local YouTuber has initiated a pioneering project to serve and connect with young Internet addicts by using YouTube as the central communicator


200,000  youngster to be reached and to get a grasp of planning career paths and personal development by watching uploaded videos in our YouTube channel

100 young Internet addicts to participate in company visits and various workshops for their own careers and personal development, broadening their horizons on pursuing a career

Young Internet addicts to start planning for future and pursuing dreams
Admission rate to increase at related workshops and events


Fantastic Dream gains revenue from assisting organisations and corporations in designing and  promoting youth-related activities


Producing videos about career planning and about jobs related to the Internet and online games

The videos include guidance for young viewers in developing a career and interviews of persons from diverse backgrounds

Educational workshops and rewarding company visits

Fantastic Dream has been designing and organising workshops and activities alongside with various organisations to attract young Internet addicts