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Raising awareness towards the elderly through experiential learning


Year Established: 2013

Beneficiaries: Students, the elderly, businesses and public organisations
Eldpathy HK 歷耆者
Empathy for elderly


  • The population is ageing in HK quickly. The financial burdens and medical expenses are becoming heavier
  • Social isolation is a serious problem for Hong Kong’s elderly. They are precious to us but are often discriminated simply for being old


  • With the simulation suit imported from Taiwan make the learning experience novel to people in Hong Kong
  • Elderly tutors are employed and empowered as a symbol of social inclusion and the participants draw inspirations from their insights


75 elderly individuals to be employed as tutors in three years
1,380participants from institutes and NGOs to join the workshops
Adolescents to become more attentive and concerned about the needs of the elderly to mobilise supports for policies like the Universal Retirement Plan
Income to be provided for the elderly, self-esteem to be promoted and social isolation to be alleviated
Public and private organisations to better understand and to cater for the needs of the elderly by devoting more resources towards elderly welfare


Eldpathy gains revenue from programme fees from schools and businesses for participating


Tailored experience

To fit the corresponding training or educational needs of schools, NGOs and businesses

Interactive Seminars

With interactive games to help audience understand the needs and feels of the elderly