A) SIE Fund Grant for “scale-up”, “growing” and “start-up” projects*:

SIE Fund Grant AmountMatching Fund Ratio
(SIE Fund : Matching fund ^)
Project Duration
HKD300,001 – HKD900,0002:1
(Half of the SIE Fund grant amount)
1-3 years

Except for applications received in 2025 which will be limited to 2 years.
Over HKD900,000 with no funding cap1:1
(same as the SIE Fund grant amount)

^Matching funds exclude SIE Fund and all other HKSAR Government funding. It includes cash or in-kind sponsorship from local and overseas private donors, foundations and/or private investors. In-kind sponsorship generally refers to sponsorship of rental, equipment, talent and certain types of intellectual property. Hence, the applicant should submit relevant documents to support any valuation of the in-kind matching fund. The matching fund amount will be subject to relevant terms and conditions and will be confirmed after approval.

B) SIE Fund Grant for “late prototype” projects*:

For first and second cohort application (April - May and June - August 2023) ONLY

SIE Fund Grant AmountProject Duration
Up to HKD300,000#12-18 months

Note: Matching fund is not required.
#If your budget exceeds HKD200,000, an in-person interview will be conducted.

*Reference descriptions:

Late prototypeA social project or social enterprise with a solid prototype that has been “alpha-tested”. The project’s owner/founder intends to commercialise and launch the late prototype to market.
Start-upA social project or social enterprise whose late prototype has already been tested and launched to market. The project’s owner/founder has a tested revenue or business model to support the project.
GrowingA social project or social enterprise which has demonstrated a track record in operational performance and social impact with recurring income. There is potential for steady growth.
Scale-upA social project or social enterprise which has already demonstrated impact and financial sustainability. The project’s owner/ founder has a commercial framework to further develop and scale the business.