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We Care Channel 

Setting up online platforms for delivery of healthcare information on elderly’s swallowing and speech disorder


Year Established: 2018

Beneficiaries: Elderlies with swallowing and speech disorder

We Care Channel 言語治療
Providing healthcare information & consultation services to general public


  • Citizens have weak understanding towards the needs of elderly who suffered from swallowing and speech disorder
  • Swallowing disorder can easily lead to serious consequences, like malnutrition, dehydration, pneumonia and death


  • Develop online and social platforms for delivery of healthcare information on elderly’s swallowing and speech disorder. Articles, graphics and videos will be published online regularly. Speech therapists will also be engaged to provide professional advice through online consulting service


16,000+ elderly’s swallowing and speech problems to be improved

16,000+ families and professional carers’ daily pressure in taking care of the elderly to be lessened

1,220 speech therapists to be joined in the programme and receive extra income
Public have better understanding of the cause and prevention method of swallowing and speech disorder


We Care Channel receives advertising fee to maintain the operation


Public education information

Healthcare information will be posted online to enhance public understanding towards swallowing and speech disorder

Online consultation service

Engage speech therapists to offer free online consultation services to the public