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UP Poverty Youth Engagement

Pave the way for youth who are interested in joining the creative industry


Year Established: 2017

Beneficiaries: Underprivileged youth

Building up the network for underprivileged youth


  • Young people from low-income families are easier to become “3-low” youths (low education level, low skills and low-income), who are difficult to get into the workplace in a knowledge-based economy
  • People need extensive trainings for getting into the creative industry, but the underprivileged youths are lack of chances to learn during school time and no network to get a job even they have learned it


  • Establishing a resources sharing platform with team consultants to connect disadvantaged youth with practitioners in creative industry and provide career pathway in creative industry
  • Providing a 3-year mentoring programme which helps youth to get internship and job opportunity


200 young people from underprivileged group will receive creative training, internship opportunities, job matching and entrepreneurship support
400 job opportunities will be provided, including publication, video production, graphic design and marketing
110 creative projects will be produced by the youth
Become a creative academy and increase the employment rate of disadvantaged youth in the industry


UP Poverty Youth Engagement trained up disadvantaged youths for offering music and video production, graphic design and other services to schools, NGOs and corporates to gain revenue

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Providing three-year mentorship programme

Provide workshops and invite consultants to supervise and work with participants to create projects

Provide trainings and internship

Provide industry related trainings and job opportunities which help to enhance youth’s self-esteem, enrich their job experience and thus expand their network in the creative industry