Social Innovation is a force for social change. Social entrepreneurs develop and adopt effective solutions in addressing social needs in various ways, including product, platform, process and policy innovation.

Theme-the me

A platform on social media for persons with disabilities to showcase their talent and become Key Opinion Leaders(KOLs)


Year Established: 2017

Beneficiaries: People with disabilities

The Voices of Persons with Disabilities


  • Persons with disabilities are sometimes socially excluded. Social channels are inadequate for them to easily connect with the society and to unleash their talents


  • The first online platform about KOLs  with disabilities: We provide supports in making videos, in promotion and in interactions with netizens and with major commercial brands
  • A live-streaming platform for persons with disabilities to interact with the public instantly


5+persons of disabilities to become KOLs and to make good use of our platform to reach out and to sustain themselves financially
100,000 views on videos to allow the public to understand persons with disabilities and to appreciate their talents
2 sharing sessions on live-streaming to allow direct interactions with netizens
Persons with disabilities to showcase their talents on the platform and to strive for their dreams whilst cooperating with businesses to provide a stable income


Theme-the me gains revenue from advertising for commercial brands and companies


Partnerships with commercial companies in online promotions

Including Good Malling, You Beauty Group and D100 Radio

Regular collection of feedbacks from netizens and reviews of production qualities

Evaluating multiple criteria, for example, audio and environment, etc., dealing with problems with the KOL together and improving their skills in managing crises