Social Innovation is a force for social change. Social entrepreneurs develop and adopt effective solutions in addressing social needs in various ways, including product, platform, process and policy innovation.

The Good House Project

The social property-agent who connects conscientious landlords and residents of subdivided flats


Year Established: 2017

Beneficiaries: Low-income families 

A house for everyone


  • Approximately 200,000 persons are residing in subdivided flats and 280,000 persons are in the long line of public housing. Despite the rapid growth of rents, living space is however shrinking for every person
  • The subdivided flats do not provide much security to the residents, the living conditions are poor and basic appliances are hardly adequate


  • Introducing a system of fair tenancy agreements to provide low-income families flats that are lower than the market rate for about 10-20% and to protect them from arbitrarily raising rents by the landlords


10 housing units with a lower rent than the market rate to be offered to low-income families,   providing improved living conditions and a better quality of life
2,520,000 Hong Kong Dollars total worth of excessive rents to be prevented for the low-income families
A convincing example to inspire the government with the idea of “social properties” and with supporting social property-agents to increase the number of affordable housing units
Lawyers, architects and other professionals to be connected to protect the rights of tenants from landlords in different aspects


Good House Project will start collecting service charges in the second year of the project

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Advocating tenant’s rights regarding the residents of subdivided flats

Partnering with social service units and arranging educational seminars on protecting the tenant’s rights in subdivided flats

Support services for moving

A one-stop support of anything related to moving: for instance, second-hand furniture, transporting, repairing and maintenance