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Starting From the Beginning – Chinese Supporting Scheme for Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Kindergarten

Designing curriculum, pedagogy, learning materials and assessment tools for Non-Chinese-speaking (NCS) kindergarten pupils to learn Chinese


Year Established: 2015

Beneficiaries: Non-Chinese-Speaking pupils 
Enhancing EM children’s proficiency in Chinese


  • Out of 20% of the 450,000 ethnic minorities are living under the poverty line
  • There is a lack of social services to support ethnic children learning Chinese
  • Most of the ethnic minorities work in unskilled jobs and are trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty simply because they are not proficient in Chinese


  • The first ‘Chinese as the Second Language’ programme using an “NGO-University-Kindergarten” model
  • Silver-aged models will be engaged as key opinion leaders or spokesmen for organizations


14,000 hours of Chinese courses to be offered to 240 NCS children laying a strong foundation within their own golden period of learning (between 3 - 5 years old)

12,000 NCS children to be using the new teaching materials developed by the researchers

Social exclusion to be reduced by improving Chinese of NCS children

Better social supports to be provisioned for the ethnic children to learn Chinese
The NCS people to receive more opportunities in getting high-end jobs, getting a chance to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty



Learning Materials and Curriculum

Chaptered textbooks and themed story books

Intensive Classes

On reading, listening, speaking and writing