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Rubber Boy Academy

Organise training courses for hearing impaired persons and produce animation to promote sign language


Year Established: 2016

Beneficiaries: People with hearing loss
Rubber Boy
An animation company targeting the needs of hearing impaired persons


  • Informative TV programmes with sign language incorporated are uncommon
  • Some think negatively to sign language and usually underestimate the capabilities of hearing impaired persons


  • The first 3-dimensional animation with sign language “dialogues”


50 percent of increase in income to be observed for those hearing impaired persons by acquiring skills in animation production and being provided good job opportunities
20 participants to receive better job opportunities after graduating from the programme
Hearing impaired persons to be relieved from poverty by being equipped with knowledge and skills in animation production, and by being given good positions with higher salary
Social inclusion to be advocated by allowing corporations and the public to better understand the needs of hearing impaired persons and to appreciate their capabilities


Rubber Boy Academy gains revenue from advertisement


Training workshops for hearing impaired persons

The training courses teach hearing impaired participants on production of animation and 3D modelling technology

3-dimensional videos and animations

Outstanding participants will assist the production aimed at promoting the sign language and changing the public’s attitudes towards it