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OHH Dear Communications

We foster the elderly ones into silver-aged models and ambassadors of elderly-related products and services


Year Established: 2016

Beneficiaries: The elderly
Discovery of the beauty of Silver Age


  • Prejudice and stereotypes exist due to insufficient understanding to the elderly
  • The elderly are often excluded socially due to negative feelings
  • The elderly often have no of source of income after retirement


  • The pioneering project offers one-stop marketing solutions for corporations and advertisers with elderly actors and actresses for marketing campaigns
  • Silver-aged models will be engaged as key opinion leaders or spokesmen for organisations


60 elderly individuals to be recruited and professionally trained into Silver-aged models and ambassadors for various kinds of elderly-related products and services
Positive images of the ageing populace to be displayed by engaging more elderly into the society

Post-retirement employment to be encouraged by providing opportunities

Social exclusion and age discrimination in the workplace to be prevented by raising public awareness towards the elderly and prevent social exclusion of this social group


OHH Dear Communications gains revenue from service charges on referring models, actors and actresses


Training and working opportunities

The participants are trained with skills and knowledge on the modelling career and are then referred to engage in elderly-related advertising and marketing campaigns

Modelling services

The elderly serve as models or become ambassadors for elderly-related products