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MAP – A career development and a life planning programme for youth

Career-and-life-planning programmes to prepare youngsters for challenges


Year Established: 2015

Beneficiaries: Adolescents, minority groups such as people with disabilities, new immigrants and ex-offenders
MaP 築夢轉驛站
Exploring the Possibilities of Youth


  • Educations on planning life and on adversity are lacking in the grades-oriented Hong Konger secondary schools
  • Minority groups, like people with disabilities, ex-offenders, past drug-users and new immigrants, are often badly labelled and prevented from finding good jobs


  • An innovative life-planning programme combining sharing of experience from the minority groups and “Life and Career Card” to help pupils find a good plan for their own life


200 adolescents to join our career development and life-planning programme

5 individuals from minority groups to receive 32 hours of training to become guest speakers, group leaders and instructors
2 individuals from minority groups to work with us in the short-term staff
Confidence to be boosted and potentials to be unleashed from the adolescents


MAP gains revenue from education programmes


“Life and Career Card ” coupled with the sharing sessions by minority groups

Using narrative therapies to design life-planning programmes for local adolescents, helping them find out their strengths and pursue their dreams

Two sets of life-planning programmes for schools to purchase

"Real People Library", and "Dreaming" workshops