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Ideas for Good

Fostering visually impaired individuals into professional coaches


Year Established: 2016

Beneficiaries: The visually impaired
Turning Disadvantages into Strengths


  • The visually impaired usually work in unskilled jobs even if they have high academic achievements
  • The public has a certain degree of misunderstandings regarding working capabilities of the visually impaired


  • The first local social enterprise to make use of the outstanding auditory of the visually impaired and to train them as professional coaches


10 visually impaired individuals to participate in a 30-hour training programme and to be trained as professional coaches
Misunderstandings regarding the visually impaired to be dispelled by showcasing their talents
Participants to develop new professional careers by enriching themselves with the new skills and working experience from this project
Unemployment rate of the visually impaired to be reduced when mainstream companies concur with our advocacy


Ideas for Good gains revenue by providing courses and coaching


Trainings for the visually impaired

The participants are to become professional coaches, after being trained by registered coaches and external trainers

Coaching the public and corporations

A coaching café is established as a proving ground for the graduates of our programmes to practice the newly acquired skills and knowledge by providing coaching services for the public and corporations