Social Innovation is a force for social change. Social entrepreneurs develop and adopt effective solutions in addressing social needs in various ways, including product, platform, process and policy innovation.

Idea Maker Project

Fostering children from low-income families with creative design and modern technologies


Year Established: 2017

Beneficiaries: Local children, especially those from low-income families
Nurturing kids to become makers who will change the world


  • There are few opportunities for grassroots children to partake in innovation & new technology
  • Innovation and creativity have begun to play a more prominent role in workplaces


  • The unique educational programme in Hong Kong to have incorporated “Design Thinking” and 3D Printing
  • Utilising resources and sharing it to children from low-income families so that they have equal opportunities to enjoy new technology and to be inspired


520 children from low-income families to participate in workshops and programmes about innovation and technology, only with small price
1,040 local kids to experience new technology and creative problem-solving know-hows
50 % of programmes and workshops enrolment quota to be reserved for children from the low-income families fostering social inclusion
Alternative academic paths and employment opportunities of technology and innovation to become opened for local youngsters


Idea Maker Project gains revenue from low-cost programmes targeting pupils and from selling designed curricula to corporations and NGOs


Organising workshops related to modern technologies

The Idea Maker Project organises regular workshops, such as “Design Thinking”, 3D printing, 3D modelling, coding, etc. for the participating children

Guidebooks and booklets

Teaching notes, game cards and study booklets tailor-made for the workshops are designed by the Idea Maker Project and are available as collections