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Hong Kong Call Centre Association

To provide the ethnic minorities industry-based trainings and working opportunities in call centres


Year Established: 2016

Beneficiaries: Ethnic minorities 

Utilising the Communication Skills of the Ethnic Minorities


  • Many ethnic individuals in Hong Kong are only employed in very basic jobs. They are unlikely to break apart from the vicious cycle of poverty
  • The whole industry of telephone centres in HK has a high turnover rate of their staff is generally difficult to find talented candidates – particularly, the English speaking front-liners


  • Utilising the English proficiency of the ethnic minorities to meet the increasing demands in manpower in the call centres


120 ethnic individuals to be offered of acquiring the relevant skills of call centre industry and opportunities of internships and jobs to be provided, in return of up to 50 percentage of increase in income

12 Employers operating contact centre to sign up the employment opportunities to the qualified ethnic participants who have performed well in the trainings

Mainstream companies to be encouraged to employ ethnic minorities and to utilise their talents, with our successful example of social inclusion
A pool of talents, made up of ethnics, to be fostered focusing on the industry of call centre


The HK Call Centre Association receives referral fees from companies which have successfully employed a trained ethnic participant


Training programmes and internship for the ethnic minorities

Teaching the ethnic participants specific skills on call centres through courses and internship programmes

Referral of qualified trained participants

They were very glad after completing the training series because of the opportunities of employment