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Goods Co-share

Purchase daily necessities from suppliers in bulk volume to offer low-income families at a lower-than-market price


Year Established: 2017

Beneficiaries: Low-income families 

To solve the problem of wealth gap, we should start cut down the cost


  • The “financial subsidy” approach cannot effectively tackle the serious wealth gap problem in Hong Kong
  • Due to the high price index, buying daily necessities becomes main financial burden to low-income families


  • The products sold in the programme will not be distributed for free, so that it can help to maintain the dignity of service users and avoid them being labelled
  • Invent the first daily necessity vending machine to sell products in order to cut rental cost, packaging cost and advertising cost


3,260 grassroot families can purchase affordable daily necessities through pop-up stalls and vending machine

500 grassroot families will join the financial groups to learn the correct consumption pattern and enhance financial knowledge

8 low-income districts will be provided with daily necessities selling services
65 grassroot women will be provided with job opportunities


Goods Co-share generates revenue from in-app advertising whereas allowances will be paid to autistic youth


Monthly pop-up stalls

Collaborate with district community organisations to encourage grassroot families buy daily necessities by bringing their own containers

Vending Machines 

Invent the first “Goods Co-share” vending machine in Hong Kong and split the big portion wholesale products into small ones