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Fun with Sign and Speech – Early Sign and Speech Development Program

Developing learning packages and providing sign bilingual support to hearing impaired children and to their families


Year Established: 2017

Beneficiaries: Hearing impaired children
Long-term aids to hearing impaired children


  • Hong Kong lacks early sign language support for hearing impaired children
  • Uncommonness of sign language in the society prevents hearing impaired children from receiving information easily and from learning. It hinders their development


  • Organising the parent-child programme of “Fun with Sign and Speech” to aid oral development and using sign language for hearing impaired children
  • Bringing hearing and hearing impaired children into the same class to nurture positive attitudes towards sign language and to socially include them


30 “Fun with Sign and Speech” classes to be organised to support the early development of hearing and hearing impaired children
125 families with hearing impaired children to learn using both sign and oral languages in their communication
Sign language to be popularised for better social inclusion
Public awareness towards deafness and sign language to be raised


The programme gains revenue from tuition of classes and sales of well-designed sign bilingual learning packages


“Fun with Sign and Speech” Classes

The parent-child classes emphasise on both sign language and oral inputs, to fortify the early development of children and to improve parenting skills

“Fun with Sign and Speech” Learning Package

The packages consist of illustrated stories, flash cards, parent-child activity plans and videos with sign language