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Easy Escort Service

One-stop escort and care-giving support service


Year Established: 2006

Beneficiaries: Elderly and underprivileged groups
Empowering the underprivileged, we serve the elderly and rehabilitation cordially


  • With an ageing population and a decline in numbers in labour-forces,  providers of escort services is facing a shortage of hands and the qualities have become less reliable
  • Housewives, the young-olds and retired persons find it difficult to get suitable jobs with flexible working hours


  • By the methods of “Experience First, Employ Later”, we recruit potential underprivileged individuals as “Escort Ambassadors” as volunteers to provide free escort services, and then provide them with professional trainings and flexible working opportunities
  • We adopt real-time messaging, such as the WhatsApp Messenger into our working processes to keep in touch with clients


4,000 hours of high quality escort service to be provided, serving 1,500 elderly individuals so that they receive good care

60 underprivileged individuals to be trained as professional escorts, ensuring more working opportunities with flexible working hours for which  also match their special needs

Shortage of healthcare servicers to be alleviated by training the underprivileged individuals to become professionals in caring services


The Easy Escort Service gains revenues by charging fees from the elderly and disabled


Recruiting “Escort Ambassadors” as volunteers to provide healthcare escorting

The Easy Escort Service recruits underprivileged individuals to volunteer in providing free escort service to elderly with financial difficulty

Organising courses to train underprivileged individuals and retired persons as escort service providers

The Easy Escort Service organises courses and trainings for interested parties, especially women, the young-olds and retired individuals, in care-giving such as first-aids. Some of them are given working opportunities with flexible working hours