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Comfort me

Specially designed underwear for women with intellectual disability and breast cancer


Year Established: 2015

Beneficiaries: Women with breast cancer, underprivileged single mothers and women with intellectual or speech disabilities
樂柔美 Comfort Me
Rebuilding confidence of breast cancer patients


  • Many patients with breast cancer cannot afford expensive rehabilitation bras. The market also lacks similar products with high quality
  • The needs of good bras and underwear of women with intellectual or speech disabilities have long been neglected
  • Underprivileged single mothers cannot afford high-quality bras and fitting instructions in the market


  • Comfort Me offers innovative underwear products to fulfil the market's demands


7+ sessions of seminars to be hosted for patients with breast cancer on how to choose and fit appropriate underwear and bras
12 sessions of community education programmes, serving around 20-40 women with intellectual and speech disabilities, to be given
1,500 pupils of primary and secondary schools to join our school seminars on the importance of choosing and fitting appropriate underwear and bras
Patients with breast cancer to understand the physical needs to buy suitable underwear at affordable prices
The risk of breast cancer to be lowered with well-designed underwear, and the female physical and mental health to be safeguarded


Comfort Me sustains its business through sales


Bras' giveaway and fitting services at schools

Comfort Me provides professional bra fitting services for financially strained schoolgirls and also offers them complimentary underwear and bras

Online shopping services for underwear

The Comfort Me online shopping platform,, offers a wide variety of affordable, high-quality underwear and bras