Social Innovation is a force for social change. Social entrepreneurs develop and adopt effective solutions in addressing social needs in various ways, including product, platform, process and policy innovation.

Bizzie Bee

Education programmes in art that cultivate diverse capabilities of children and youth through exploring social issues


Year Established: 2015

Beneficiaries: Grassroot children and youth
Offer free art workshops for grassroot children to develop their creativities


  • Grassroots children have fewer opportunities in developing their creativities  and art sense compared with others
  • Lack of  social inclusion in Hong Kong in which the bonding between people are low


  • Through the sales of DIY craft kits in retail and wholesale kids amenities to customers from airlines, hotels and restaurants, Bizzie Bee raises funds to organise free art workshops for low-income children and youth to cultivate their diverse capabilities,creative thinking and other social skills


120 children / youth from low income families join the art programmes and enhance their creative thinking and social awareness
1,000 hours of creative training workshops to strengthen the capabilities of the children/ youth
9 people from disadvantaged groups to be provided with trainings and job opportunities to showcase the talents
Cultivate the creativity of children in order to increase their future competitiveness


Bizzie Bee gains revenue from selling DIY craft kits and wholesale kids activity packs to airlines, hotels and restaurants


Design and sell DIY craft kits

Selling specially designed DIY craft kits in retail and wholesale activity packs to customers from airlines, hotels and restaurants

Organise Art workshops and exhibitions

Organise regular art workshops such as “The Inside Out”, “United Nations of Knitters” and “Everything is Everything” for children and youth and the public in general