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Connect visually impaired and the public by holding exhibitions and workshops suitable for both parties


Year Established: 2016

Beneficiaries: The visually impaired and elderly with low vision
Beyond Vision Projects
Assisting visually impaired in social integration


  • The visually impaired are facing great deal of challenges in receiving and understanding visual information due to lack of accessible platform and devices
  • General public has low social awareness and understanding about the visually impaired community


  • Offering consultations and trainings on Tactile-Audio Interaction System (TAIS) services and accessible programmes, in order to translate visual information into tactile and audio interactive platform; meaning the visually impaired can "see" by touching and hearing
  • Develop Tactile Visual Vocabulary System (TVVS) which is a universal language for the visually impaired  to learn about visual information such as graphics and patterns


300 visually impaired people can receive and understand visual information through TAIS
1,000 sighted people will be participated in the training workshop or activity to know more the visually impaired community
10 art organisations and public venue will be installed TAIS on the exhibits
Promote social inclusion and increase public awareness of the visually impaired


Beyond Vision Projects earns revenue from organising activities and workshops for corporate and schools as well as holding exhibition


Organising exhibition and outreach activities

  • Increase different stakeholders’ understanding of the visually impaired group by organising TAIS exhibitions as well as NGOs, corporate and school visit 
  • Knowledge transfer to the visually impaired to increase their job opportunities

Providing workshop and activity

Provide social awareness workshop and activity for general public to cultivate better social empathy toward the visually impaired and the elderly with low-vision