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BB Seeds

Collecting and reselling second-handed baby products to grassroots families to ease financial burdens


Year Established: 2017

Beneficiaries: Grassroots families 

Reducing Costs of Child Care for Grassroots Families


  • An average child costs about $30,000 to $60,000 in consumables alone in the first three years. Raising children is financially straining to low-incomegrassroots families
  • Some parents may try to reduce other expenses, usually sacrificing personal comforts and convenience, to cover the costs of buying baby products, while some others may choose to buy cheaper products of, usually, poorer qualities and eventually having an impact on the infant’s health


  • A social enterprise focusing on recycling second-handed baby products targeting low-income families
  • An online platform to connect donors and beneficiaries


Poor baby products to be prevented from reaching the grassroots families
Awareness on infant’s safety to be raised with guidance and instructions when selling the products
Affordability of good baby products to be raised for grassroots parents, thus fostering quality of life


BB Seeds gains revenue from sales of second-handed baby products

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Collecting second-handed or unwanted baby products from local families

BB Seeds provides pick-up services for busy families and collaborate with local welfare organisations to organise regular collecting campaigns

Sales and exhibitions

The collected baby products are sold to grassroots families at low prices