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Audio Description for outdoor activities

Providing audio description training to homeless elder to be the tour guide and offering “outdoor described tours” for the visually impaired elderly


Year Established: 2017

Beneficiaries: Visually impaired elderly and homeless elderly

Outdoor described tours allow visually impaired elderlies to get in touch with nature


  • Most of the “community guided tours” are inaccessible to the visually impaired people, as the tours do not provide any audio description, nor tactile props
  • Majority of homeless people have relatively low education level, making them usually unemployed and sometimes finding it hard to integrate into society


  • Provide “outdoor described tours” for elderly with visual impairment. Audio description, tactile props and diagrams will be used to let the participants learn about the architecture and surroundings through sound and touch


50 visually impaired elderly to be the participants of the tours
3+ elder tour guides from the Christian Concern for the Homeless Association to receive professional audio description training
3+ people to receive professional audio description training and serve Audio Description Association (Hong Kong)


Audio Description Services for Outdoor Activities receives participant fees from joining the outdoor described tours


Outdoor described tours

Audio description and tactile props will be used in tours for elderly with visual impairment to assist their comprehension of architecture and surroundings

Training workshops to homeless people

Elder tour guides from the Christian Concern for the Homeless Association will receive trainings on professional audio description to improve their language skills and increase their income from community tours