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Art Muraler

Arts as a tool to bridge youth and elderly, thus painting elderly’s story at mural


Year Established: 2017

Beneficiaries: Youth and elderly

Share with each other, paint a better future


  • Youth find it difficult to be employed and their self-esteem is relatively low
  • Single elderly who live in old villages or islands have poor living environment resulting in bad emotions


  • Bring artistic creation into the community by empowering the unemployed youths to provide voluntary mural painting services for single elderly
  • Participating youth will talk and listen to the elderly and visualise their stories through art mural


312 hours will be provided to train youths, including 8 sessions of mural training workshop
48 youths will become a muralist trainee through participating in the programme, so they can build confidence and increase future competitiveness
24 elderly will be benefitted from the free mural services with better living environment
Through the mural painting, the young people and the elderly will be brought closer, and the social circle of the elderly will be broadened


Revenue will be generated from providing mural painting services to building owners' corporations and other organisations


Organise free mural training workshop

Participants will acquire skills of mural painting with 8 sessions of training

In-depth understanding of the story of the elderly, incorporating their stories into the murals, so that each mural carries a unique story