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AR Training Play

Development of motion sensor EduTech games by making use of augmented reality and virtual reality to address the needs of students with dyslexia


Year Established: 2013

Beneficiaries: Special educational needs (SEN) students
Using AR and VR studying method; addressing SEN students' needs


  • There are around 120,000 students with Hong Kong have special education needs, while the number of SEN students requiring special support has grown 8% for the past decade
  • Social resources do not suffice the provision of personalized learning for SEN students, resulted 2 years or longer waiting time to receive early intervention


  • Co-designing AR & VR Motion Sensory Games with teachers of special schools and therapists to enhance the learning of SEN students
  • Advancing SEN training and support with AR & VR Education Technology Games for therapists, teachers and parents


200 SEN students will increase the learning progress using AR & VR Motion Sensory Games
15 therapists and teachers will able to advance the SEN training for SEN students
35 Parents will understand positive attitudes and techniques on teaching SEN students
5 special schools and 8 NGOs for special learning will be served


AR Training Play generates incomes from the sale of motion sensor games to schools and NGOs, game customisation service for school-based curriculum, and workshop fees


Develop AR & VR Motion Sensory Games

With AR & VR Motion Sensory Games enabling Dyslexia students to increase motivation in learning Chinese

Provide workshops supporting teaching of SEN students

Partner with education institutions, provide workshops for teachers, parents, therapists, psychologists and social workers