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Empowering women and building up their self-esteem and self-worth, to ultimately build self-sustainability


Year Established: 2014

Beneficiaries: Single mothers and Underprivileged women
Empowerment · Engagement · Environmental


  • Single Mothers and Underprivileged women are often hidden talents. However,  they often face an extremely high barrier of entry in the workforce
  • Because of low educational level and taking care of children, job opportunities for grassroots women are often limited to menial and low skilled tasks such as dishwashing, cleaning and the basic service industry


  • MicroForests Life Transformation Programme enhances self-esteem and grants professional skills through professional training, incorporating horticultural and therapeutic elements, at no cost
  • The grassroots women  will be empowered with skills and confidence through hosting corporate workshops. It increases their future employability


80+ grassroots women will attend 85 hours Life Transformation Programme

100+ Workshops hosted by grassroots women  for both corporate, NGO clients and collaborations with schools

Grassroots women trained to different levels with different on-the-job priorities, including Trainee, Assistant, Facilitator and Designer
Grassroots women will be benefited from enhanced job profile, learnt professional presentation and design skills and thus increased well-being of family as a result of additional income


MicroForests sustains its business by delivering training workshops and artwork to clients


The Life Transformation Programme

Trained mothers with concepts such as design philosophy, hosting/ facilitation skills and other professional knowledge which are transferable to the workplace

Workshops for Corporates, NGOs and Schools

Workshop holding and facilitating opportunities allow the grassroots to build up their self-esteem and confidence as well as other professional skills