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Eldage Limited

Hiring retired chiefs for recipes design and dishes preparation of the bouquet


Year Established: 2016

Beneficiaries: Retired chefs and retirees
Preserving traditional food culture


  • Masters, who have accumulated decades of professional knowledge from traditional industries and wisdom throughout their lives, find it difficult to continue to contribute to the society after retirement
  • Traditional craftsmanship is disappearing, making it difficult to pass wisdom and knowledge from older people on to the younger generations


  • To leverage digital platforms in promoting traditional food culture and stories, for raising awareness and interest in traditional cuisines, and ultimately for the passing on of knowledge and skills


60 retired chefs and/or retirees to be employed, for gaining extra income through contributing their knowledge and skills in the banquets
5 social enterprises and/or charitable organisations to be invited to co-organise traditional banquets, for sharing common visions and beliefs
576 guests to be recruited to join the banquets, for knowing more about traditional food culture


Eldage gains revenue from charging the banquet fee from participants

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Organise banquets with traditional cuisines

Retired chefs to design the recipes, to prepare the dishes and to explain the culture and stories behind, for sharing the knowledge with younger generations

Produce videos introducing traditional dishes

To interview retired chefs and produce videos about their dishes and skills, to publish the videos on social media platforms, in raising the awareness and interest among general public