Social Innovation is a force for social change. Social entrepreneurs develop and adopt effective solutions in addressing social needs in various ways, including product, platform, process and policy innovation.

Alchemist Creations

Upcycled innovative products by collaboration between persons with disabilities and local designers


Year Established: 2012

Beneficiaries: Persons with disabilities
Alchemist Creations
From Wastage into Art


  • Discarded goods are not put to good use
  • Persons with disabilities often have difficulties in finding a job. Their talents are usually overlooked


  • Reimaging the sheltered workshops by forming production lines with local designers and persons with disabilities
  • Utilising social resources to produce innovative products and sell to worldwide market


100,000 customers to use the new products, giving fame to the local designers and achieving social inclusion
28 persons with disabilities to be provided with production trainings and job opportunities to showcase talents and skills to be recognised by the public
Wastes to be reduced by upcycling


Alchemist Creations gains revenue from sales of innovative products to worldwide markets


Training workshops and collaboration with sheltered workshops to set up production lines

The workshops are tailored for people with disabilities. Some will be offered a place in the new production lines

The CAN series campaign

Alchemist Creation has employed persons with disabilities and local designers to work together and has reused aluminium cans as the main material to produce some iconic and trendy “can watches”