Incubation Support


Impact Incubator will provide holistic supports to successful applicants to implement the innovative projects covering two major objectives of capacity building and development of innovative projects in different types and stages.

One-Stop Support

Five Is’ Incubation Process

Incubated projects (except for prototype projects) will undergo ‘Five Is Incubation Process’ to equip with necessary skills and knowledge for better implementation of project ideas.


  • Inspire: explore unmet social needs by utilizing untapped resources in the communities
                         (Future Camp, ACT experiential learning activities)
  • Incubate: acquire major skills and knowledge from our consultants, social angels and trainers
                         (Project management support by in-house consultants, business clinic, and industry                      knowledge from social angels)
  • Innovate: establish extensive collaboration network with peers and spark new ideas and innovative solutions
                          (Peer-to-peer learning platform)
  • Invest: solicit financial resources through our Good Impact Fund platform
                         (Good Project Fund, Good Crowd Fund, SIE matching fund)
  • Influence: understand how to keep track and evaluate social impact
                          (Social Impact Assessment Workshop)

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