4-step to Apply


1.        Sign up for an application account

2.        Tell your idea with a proposal

3.        Attach a budget and impact assessment form

4.        On-line submission


Impact Incubator is open for application in phases throughout the year. The deadline of each quarter is: 31 March, 30 June, 30 September, and 31 December. *Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

To apply, the applicant shall register its organization and the relevant personnel with the on-line application system prior to submitting the application proposal electronically.

Document checklist

The following documents shall be required for an application.
Duly completed application form
Applicant should make clear declaration of other funding schemes he / she is applying for or applications are being processed.
Corporate governance planLearn More
A corporate governance (CG) plan is required in case the application is not a natural person.
Full CG plan for projects with a separate legal entity, e.g. incorporated under the Companies Ordinance; (download Guideline for establishing CG plan)
Registration documents e.g. Business Registration Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association
Documentary proof of matching fund and / or sponsorship from other sources (if applicable)

The original of the above supporting documents may be required for verification upon request.

Acknowledgement will be sent to the applicant upon receipt of an application by HKCSS.

A rejected application may be resubmitted only if its content has been revised substantially or if the applicant is able to produce supplementary evidence to address the comments made by the Vetting Committee. A resubmitted application will be treated as a new application and will be subjected to the same assessment procedures.

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