Open for Application in Phases Throughout the Year

Starting from 1 April 2016, Impact Incubator under Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund will open for application in phases throughout the year. The deadline of application for 2016-17 as follow:

1st round of application: 30 June 2016
2nd round of application: 30 September 2016
3rd round of application: 31 December 2016
4th round of application: 31 March 2017
5th round of application: 30 June 2017
6th round of application: 30 September 2017
7th round of application: 30 December 2017

*Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Enquiry: 2876 2491

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Invitation to ‘Future Camp’

The SIE Fund is inviting the interested organizations and individuals to join the ‘Future Camp’ as ‘future engineers’ to brainstorm creative ideas to identify community assets and concrete solutions to tackle social problems. ‘Future Camp’ aims to ignite social innovation and organizations and individuals irrespective of background are all welcome to join. For details and registration, please click the above EDM (Chinese version only).

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Invitation for Intermediary Service of Food Support Service (Source: SIE FUND)

Invitation for intermediary service of food support service from SIE Fund

The SIE Fund is inviting applications from interested organisations to take up the role of intermediary for implementing the project of 'Building Capacity in Food Support Service'. Organisations which share the objectives of the SIE Fund and established in Hong Kong can submit proposals. For details, please click the above hyperlink to SIE Fund website.

Source: SIE Fund

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Launch of Impact Incubator

Impact Incubator launches on 21 April, 2015, to provide holistic support to social entrepreneurs through the 5Is incubation process.

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